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Alfons, Scholing, Design, Creative, Portfolio, Content, Concept, Music, Movies, Television, Animation, Online, Offline, Software, Industrial Design, Art Direction, Creative Writing, Writer, Script Doctor, Script Writer, Research, Analysis, Strategy, Concept, Analytics, Design, Philosophy, Epic, Story Telling, Royalty, King, Boss, Social Media, Personal Brand,

Alfons Scholing is a creative designer that has had the opportunity to create a global campaign by the use of many creatives. By the means of crowdsourcing and social media his input of the creative work was purely the concept and support. The whole project was on a volunteer basis and he was never paid for any of his work. However it is fully his copyright. He still lives on welfare (may 2015).

While the whole project was funded by the major banks of the world (see list of largest banks of the world) and regulated accordingly (see list of financial regulatory authorities by country).

He reached out to many different media conglomerate which include all news media as well around the world and other conglomerates around the world (see list of conglomerates) and all the major social media websites (see list of social networking websites).

Following this he then added the major record labels and major animation studios and anime production houses. With all the comic agencies.

When he did that he added all the internet entrepreneurs and software developers which he supplied with valuable input into innovation. Dedicated himself into fashion houses of all sorts big or small.

Used his creative wits to benefit major environmental groups and issues. Supported equal rights on pretty much all levels whether this be sex or sexual orientation or their native origin or mental state. Tried to somehow get the whole poverty issue going.

And supplied the way to go in global politics. Supported intelligence agencies and police forces around the globe. Even got all the major crime syndicates to pitch in. Seeing he is not some deluded piece of shit.

Even though he is a atheist. He included all religions. Seeing he found it to be offensive not to! He also showed that he fully understand those religions even though he is not a expert theologist.

He thoroughly enjoyed the project which was started as a letter to his queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and her successor Prins Willem Alexander to the job opening of vice president of the council of state.

All the interaction is registered by the Dutch Government. There were some complications. But everything has worked out fine.

He is especially thankful to all the people who have helped him out. All over the globe and hopes to visit them.

His two favourite quotes are:

  1. Power to the people.
  2. Ask a dumb question. You will get a dumb answer.


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