None of the bad all of the good

None of the bad all of the good

Isn’t that lovely. You now only get the good stuff! None of the bad stuff. You need to pay for it though. It’s mine all mine! I’ll give it to you for a price. Not to everybody. This is a very exclusive club. Very exclusive! So it’s not going to be cheap. Not cheap at all.

As long as you don’t tell your mom. Or dad for that matter. They are proud of us. Trust me. We are doing business. That’s it! We are professionals. Not some cheap lowlifes. We run this.

If you want to watch. That’s cool. But than you need to pay to! You see if you want to watch that’s me giving away trade secrets. I am then the teacher and you are the student. You are going to have to pay a hefty price for those teachings.

If your a colleague. Then we can have a good laugh about the past. But do you want to discuss the future. Than you need to pay to. Or i need to pay you for work.

I can do this al day! Non stop!

If the bad shows up. Which they won’t… don’t worry. Than that’s just more evidence. The cops love me… Even though i don’t love them… We are more like competitors with the same manual. You can compare it the same way you can compare the army against marines. The army has all of the equipment – the marines have all of the skill.

The army needs the equipment and hardly survives – marines sacrifice a bit of themselves but always get the job done. They are also very competitive with each other. That is what makes them so good… Well the marines anyway.

Same goes for the design part. All the design companies have the nice equipment they have all the Adobe software to design. They have the nice fresh new shiny Apple Macintosh’s. But i have the skill. Overtime i open my mouth gold comes out and it’s been used by all the media in the world.

They can hire my expertise. It will cost them a insane amount of money.

The thugs will pay. Because white hat or black hat. Thugs they are. With their long grubby fingers. That lovely yummy pie is so big. Even if you ate non-stop you still wouldn’t be able to fill your appetite! There is plenty to go around. The cops agree. They are fed up to. So don’t even try and make the same excuses the nazi’s did. Saying you didn’t know. You people are fucking nazi’s.

See! All of the good. None of the bad. Okay boys and girls! Class dismissed! Have a nice three years. See you after the break.


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