Fantasy versus Reality

Fantasy versus Reality

Yeah! Well i am who i am it is kind of funny huh. A creative this as you now know is reality. My reality is so hard to swallow i use fantasy to vent. You see if you knew all of the reality your heads would explode. That’s not good. Not good at all. You do however know that all of that fantasy is based on reality. The same reality that you live your life in. That’s all real people. You know for a fact that is reality. You live it all day every day… All day.

So what do you think. I need to protect you from all those lies that are being told to you. Sometimes i need to protect others... For example i use fantasy to protect the unmentionables. For example marines. I can’t give you any names. I can’t because that would harm them. I use fantasy to extra emphasise my family ties. Blood is always thicker than water.

Only god can judge me. While Satan is always out to get me and you! I am going on Holiday! So don’t be stupid. Educate yourself! And bring that noise! I’ll be waiting. You know i don’t have shit backwards. I testified to you and i fully undressed myself i am completely naked. So don’t feed me bullshit! And keep silent!

I have the power! It’s mine all mine. I am just waiting on you! I even got back up. You need to pay me! I will sell my love! I just really don’t need a broke diva. None of this was my fault. It was all you… you thought you could break me. I am breaking up with youFor those who agree step into my world.


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