Uhm! Sorry… What the fuck did you just say?!

I need to be thankful! You got this shit all twisted motherfucker! You need to thank me! A billion times over and kiss my white trash ass to make me come work for you! Dumb shit! Who the fuck do you think you are kidding! Telling me you helped me and whatever.

Money makes money! Don’t you even fucking dare tell me you carried any of the responsibility at all. Stupid fucker! If i was dead right now you still would have been paid! So fuck you! You didn’t even help. You just gave me the fucking rope and the shit to carry. My back is now broken. So fuck you!

Piece of shit!

Trying to act all mighty and all that shit! You got paid… A insane amount of money! Me i din’t get shit! Except a shitload of fucked up people fucking with me when i got home. I got fucked with because i helped your dumb ass. Seriously you fucking want gratitude! You are fucking delusional aren’t you. Or just plain crazy!

You are fucking crazy! All of you!

I even helped your dumb ass. Or else you would have invested in just one option. I spread that shit around so that when some of those stupid motherfuckers i worked with did fail. You still would have been paid. Do you even get what that entails! That i am a goddamn genius! Thats what! Also means i am a hard working son of a bitch! That doesn’t mind slaving day and night! For absolutely no pay!


I don’t care where i go. So do whatever man. I really don’t care what you do! I need money!


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