rabid dog

Rabid dog

You are foaming at the mouth. Barking as a mad dog. A rabid dog. You are fucking biting the innocent kids. I got my gun out. It’s fully loaded. Everybody has been notified and warned me about you. Told me how incredibly dangerous your ass is.

Well… How afraid do you think i am about a mutt that is foaming at the mouth shivering like a pooch in heat. Has barked and bitten pretty much all the little kiddies. Parents freaking out crying and moaning. Bitching about you all the time! In their utter and complete full right i might add.

They hate you! They all fucking hate you! They hate you so fucking much that when i told them even if you were a sane guard dog i would still put you down. They fucking thanked me so bad they didn’t go on their knees. They put me in the drivers seat. They got scared though i wasn’t driving as if i was a student learning to take a bend but like a bloody formula one driver owning the game.

I don’t hate you! I think you are a sad mistreated little doggie that has not been treated right! But you are a fucking menace! I will put you down! I am going to put you down. I will kill it! Kill it! I will kill it and whatever i will do after that… It’s going to be in your remembrance! See your name will life on. Forever! In a good sense!

Click, Clack, Bam!


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