Purple, pink and red

Purple pink and red

I have been told i am to loud. Well kiddo sometimes you need to be! Uhm… Yeah you do… What do you know you still a kid. Love you, but you still a kid. Seriously!

Anyways. Just to be a good daddy! I will listen to you! But i am not going to promise you anything. You a kid for crying out loud! So yeah! I will see what i can do. I actually like the colours Purple, pink and red.

Purple is still red… with a little bit of blue… Still a nice colour… All three colours… The red which i love! The blue… is awesome! So purple is a brilliant dimmed colour.

Pink is wonderful as well. I love Pink. Beautiful ladies and gentleman wear pink. They fucking rock! And it’s just like purple not so loud as red. I love red! It’s still red isn’t it… Red with a little bit of white. I am white… So… Yes! I really am white i am the good guy here people and i am also white!

Red is my favourite colour of all. It’s bright! It’s loud! It howl’s to the moon as a wolf would. It’s not exactly my pet. Wolf’s are no fucking pets. They never will be. Still he listens to me. Well my pet might be a beautiful panther from the arabic continents. Who is also very loud and passionate and beautiful and maybe even as dangerous as a wolf.

Both take every bit of equally as much concentration to maintain. There is even a black panther snooping around… She my pet to… black as the night with gorgeous eyes! She is sleeping now… She had her fill now, But! If you wake her i will let her eat you!

I got some dogs to. A whole fucking bunch of them. They like me because i am the alpha dog and i’ll fight every time for it and win! They bring the pack mentality! Thats why i got them. Without them. Did you really think this would have worked! At all!

I got a whole goddamn zoo!

I fucking love them all! They are mine! I love them so much!


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