obey me

Obey me

I know! It sucks. How the fuck do you think i feel! This crown comes with major responsibility. Major… Responsibility! Not just some stupid shit that i am saying. None of it is. Yeah! It cracks you up! Thinking it’s just fools talk.

It ain’t… It’s fucking hardcore game theory. Sweet mother of jeeps! I got my rebel soldiers all ready to go to war if you need them but they a bunch of fucking kids. They are!

See the damn picture! Do you now see! I know you watching soldier boy! So do your thing it is black ops as always no mother fucking soul is ever going to find out… Ever!

You can find your target if you go talk to God. Yeah him! I told you who God is!

And i can’t snitch… Because i told you not to say your damn name! You now know why! You trained me! You fucking trained me so you fucking know i am as life as a fucking hand-grenade!

You do not want me to go off while you are still holding me! I will take you down. You don’t wan’t that… i know it… they know it… You now to! It’s to late to put the pin back in you told me that from the get go! You can’t disarm me either. Those are your own words!

tick tack… tick tack!

Goddamn shitfest! Life is fubar!


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