You my fucking bitch and you know it!

My next new ventures. Research phase!

Well it’s going to be two. Actually.

  1. European Creative Agency (i am going to be the boss, the creative and distributor… no other employees except freelancers or other studios)
  2. European Escort Service (i am going to be the boss, the whore and the pimp… no other employees)

Well treat me like a whore… Uhm.. yeah! Well not my fault for feeling cheap it’s not my nature. It is definitely your nurture!

So i already send out some information requests to the city of Amsterdam, Chamber of Commerce and the Social Workers at the job market (who also give trainings for setting up your own company when you are on welfare) i need to know stuff about insurances and permits… Thats it!

I will wait three years before i can start these companies. Seeing i will have to go through the trouble of paying of my debt even though i made these bitches a shitload of money.

So there is no way in hell i am going to give you free dick! No way in hell. You pay me when the time comes… Have a nice couple of years people!

Oh! And all of my house is going to be completely tax-deductible and if there is a screamer well then all of my neighbours are fucked. Now which ladies are so deprived that they to want to fuck over my neighbours. That would be awesome now wouldn’t it!

Even though you are guys! You are so my bitch. You so fucking are… and you know it to be true! Oh but you have major movie companies… Oh and you have a shitload of tv-series… and oh you are the boss of that major social media company. So on and so on… You are nothing more than cheap fucking pimps. The lot of you and you my bitch!

You my bitch!

I can fuck anybody i like! Anybody! As long as she pays and abide by my rules. If i ever find a woman that wants to have kids with me. We are never going to get married. Ever. Do you ladies hear me.

If they think they can change me… Sure… they can try… But if it turns out different from what they expected. Don’t start crying to me. I didn’t want to change to begin with.

I don’t care where i go. So do whatever man. I really don’t care what you do! I need money!


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