La familia

La familia

You wanna talk family. We will talk family

See my uncle here on the photo. He is the one always whispering in my ear. He is the black sheep of the family. He knows it all seen it all… All the darkness all the suffering all the stupid silly shit in the world. He also does my hair! He is so sweet! Found himself a nice wife to. With a kid.

Oh and than my Dad of course he is a stubborn man. I got that from him. He is so old school he fucking build the damn fucking school all by himself. He is retired now and tends to his kitchen cooking up some marvellous shit. Don’t you fuck up his garden either he might get mad… You don’t like it when he gets mad! There is all kinds of goodness and sweetness growing in his garden. He takes care of the neighbourhood kids to… I however have a shitload more kids to worry about.

I will be the only one he will listen to.

He chose a different path than me! He so would have fucked you up if he chosen mine. He wouldn’t even listen to your excuses. He wouldn’t even let you touch him. I let you touch me. Yet you never reached me. Silly fuckers. But i hardly visits. You see when i do. He knows something is up. You don’t want that! You don’t.

My grand mother passed away, but she raised me like a mum… She was way older than my mum. So she introduced me to a shitload of old people! They guard me still to this day with their wisdom. Now i won’t listen as much anymore. I need to deal with some important shit. They will only try and heal it. Which can’t be done! So i don’t always listen. But still i got their wisdom and values. Thats why i don’t get along with young people! I am very fucking old!

Than we got my Aunt… From my mothers side. She… just like my sister! Are the youngest of the direct family. You know what they say about the youngest the get it the hardest. So hey become warriors. They are warriors… Xena got nothing on these ladies. Xena… She a goddamn little kitty cat compared to these felines. Why… They know why… Don’t you ladies. You see they can see the spirit of my mom. They can feel it… It’s warm angry and very full of rage right now! They can see it because they see me… They see me! That makes me happy! That makes me proud! P.S Get over yourself sis… I will never call you little because you are a fighter. Even though mom is dead… She very fucking alive!

Than we got my brother from the same mother. Different father. He can only see my dad in me… Not my mother… but he feels her in me. Thats why he doesn’t touch me or my dad. He doesn’t like him much. You see the spirit that guides me also guides him. I can feel it thats why he turned out so damn good. That’s why he let’s me roam and start shit. However you do not want him to finish. He has way more to lose! He won’t toy with you like i do!

He won’t give you the fucking chance! He is a fighter… Mixed martial arts and all that stuff… Oh wait fighter is the wrong word… You see he got a damn belt… a damn champions belt! He a goddamn pro! I am his younger brother! I think he will always be the fucking shit! So well… This all might be biased! But very fucking true!

Did i leave anyone out… Hmmm… We still got another uncle who everybody knows seeing he runs a cigarette shop at one of the busiest parts of Amsterdam. I come by every now and then to buy cigarettes, a cup a coffee and when i have the time a little chit chat. I love the smell of his cigars!

Anyway i can keep going… You see my moms side of the family is roughly 8000 people plus. I said plus we are still growing. I want to meet all of them. But i don’t have the time or the fucking money! So whatever! If shit happens. My door is always open. They know this to be true!

I am the goddamn fixer… i am their head! Their youngest fucking! Don! or Jesus.. can that be…  Well Jesus was a jew… So fuck it. See i got shitloads of kids… I don’t even need to get married! I love kids so this makes me very… very happy!

Nice to meet you!


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