Kill it!

Silly sentence isn’t it! I am now going into complete overkill. Serious fucking overkill. This creature can never become a zombie! Ever! I am fully in the goddamn zone!

You see i had a bullet in the head. It’s called medication. Psychiatric medicine! Shot in my fucking cranium by some dirty assholes from across the ocean. You see they make serious money from those medication. They however won’t be working any longer. They just got fired. They are going to retire and think about how stupid little kids they were.

It fucked with me! Fucked with me so bad i now have a high cholesterol. So thanks to some real smart individuals that stepped in. I now no longer have no bullet in my head, Also psychiatrists. Dutch psychiatrists. They fucking rock! I now just need to get some healing seeing i got branded. I don’t like that brand. It’s not me.

Thank Jeebus i got creativity as a medicine… and it’s a good healthy message about people sticking together and all that shit… Just like the logo of my eye… MY LOGO. You see i used the eye… because big brother from the movies and such is also a eye. They are not the same. Mine however is made out of all kinds of little dots. Little go-pieces. People… billions and billions of people!

Yes just like  a school of fish that group together to scare away the bigger fish that would eat them up. This way you also have a guarantee that the damage is minimal due to letting the right kind of fish swim in the right place. Yes! I am a goddamn genius… So… big whoop… i said a school of fish… right! Just like my last name… Scholing which means ‘teaching people’ or getting ‘schooled’ by a teacher. Anyways without you there is no message to you!

Why do you think i got so mad at you! Why do you think i screamed my lunges out. Putting me on a goddamn pedestal. What the fuck people! Sure i am the brain… but any brain without a body is just a fucking science project… And those who study science have a brain inside a body!

So why kill it then as a title! Well real easy! When i met a couple of chess players. That also played online. Some of them kept saying Kill it when they played. I never played chess much. I play GO. But i took the same method and kept saying kill it when i am playing GO. So you always finish what you start. ALWAYS FINISH WHAT YOU START! ALWAYS! I am playing a different game now. It’s creativity! A whole project worth a couple of billions.

So… KILL IT! Fucking kill it! Even when it hurts. I will help you! Always! We can start a new project. We need to kill that to. Just like the saying goes… We designers have a saying. Kill your darlings. So… Kill it!

So how can i just kill a man… Well the punk had to pay!


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