Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Oh you are such cute little spiders. Spinning your web of confusion and mayhem. Trying to tell a different story to those who can’t even read. You so fucking funny! It’s hilarious! I am also very good at telling stories don’t you think.

Really fucking good!

You see when i read a story from Jules Vernes you know a tale about the future how things can be or could be or where we might be going towards. I am there fully and enjoying it to the utmost.

When i read the bible i am Jesus… Maria… the apostles! God… The kings, the romans the Pharisee the Academics… I do a full dive and indulge i go completely submerged into that story!

I read everything. Even the tale that has been spun without writing it down. The undertone so to say! I am so good that i can translate that story to imagery! Moving imagery! Still imagery! All kinds of imagery. Even imagery that is purely based on emotions.

Such as music. If i listen to music. I can see. I can smell i can feel i dance with the devil! The angels! God! I see what they see!

Thats why i want to travel. Talk more to people! Read their literature about their religions. It is fucking amazing. I love that shit. It enriches me. To the fullest.

So! Why am i telling you this. So you now know! I am even going to tell you more truths… Isn’t that amazing you are so smart i need to explain it to you! So fucking smart that i need to tell you stuff i already did. You are so trying to set me up… It’s futile!

Thats how smart you are. You need a fucking guide. To a encyclopaedia that is me and that keeps enriching himself… I keep growing on a speed that you can’t ever reach. You are so out of your fucking league!

So completely out of your fucking league little spiders.

You see i can do a reverse! I can type and tell a story that brings visions amongst others. Here is the catch seeing i can do a full dive into literature.

I can do a reverse translation. I can read your imagery as a book. I can read you as a open book. Still i want to visit you! That needs to tell you something. You were right to fear me… Oh! Yes! You are!

I can even read the undertone. The things you don’t say but are telling me!

I am not a fly that will be caught by your web. I am the fucking house you moved your sorry ass into. I will come crumbling down on you and kill you all! So stop fucking with my fundaments. Nobody is going to safe you!


They all want me to continue! They all want you dead! I want you dead! I want you crushed between my bricks between my cement. i want all the beams to splice you. Pierce you. I want to hear you draw your last breath… Hear you suffer! Long and painfully…

So do they! So do they! All of them you hear me! Do you see me! Are you reading me mother-fuckers!


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