I testify

I hereby testify on everything holy to me!

I hereby testify on everything holy to me! That i will shut the Devil down. You are my God… My God… The people! I do not believe in anything else. Not a higher entity. Not a invisible force. But a visible force. The people. Their hearts. Their power. It will move this planet in a completely different direction.

I fully commit to that god and only to that god. I will fuck with all other gods. Fucking Punks. Trying to steal my crown. Da fuq… What are you getting at punk! You fucking Punk! Join or leave! Last call! Last mother-fucking call! I know why you want to kill me! I can do what you can’t… I can do it without all your monies. I don’t need your monies. I need it so i can help them.

Fuck it i am going to play the whore. Seeing you treated me like one so goddamn often the whole goddamn time! So called forces of good. I will run around your bloody china shop like a bull without a fix! They find me fucking funny because i let you silly fuckers piss themselves out of fear!

Destroying all your statues of worship… Do not commit yourself to false gods or the representation of gods they are but pictures. Statues and other gimmicks they are not god. God is the people! You need to serve the people! I will!

It’s a beautiful world only for you gods because you treat the people like cattle and milk them for everything they got. It’s not a beautiful world to me. I will make it a beautiful world for them.


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