i am home

i am home (it’s a prison)

Wherever i am. I am home. It is more like a prison. Or a whore house. Depends how you look at it. It is going to be a prison for the next three years. But where i am now. Even the little kids know my name! The woman give me a look over and the guys can’t believe it when they see me. I walk like a gangster talk like a gentleman. Never fronting just the same old rascal. Having fun. Laughing my ass off!

The red hat Diva you know you can’t touch this when i don’t want it! Yes i am home! I know enough haters… Lovers and players! We got mad game! You jealous! Yes! You are! Want me to talk to you – than you need to ring my bell. Bring some yummy food and drinks. I got nothing except you people!

My mask is hanging on the wall i have nothing to hide behind. I am me! They love the fact that i never changed. Never thought that they would love it this much. I was never this naked before. Yet i feel like a goddamn king. You like my new threads! Hmmm… I do!

Some of us grow up to become dads and that is a good thing. Sometimes it’s a dads job to insult sometimes to care! But when they ask me what i do. I always have a very good reason. I just don’t explain it all. It is also dads job to take them under their wing and protect them for themselves.

Cheers! I am at home!


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