I am high on life

I am high on life

I am high on life itself because i did what no one else could or wanted to. Now i get up every morning and go… Time to get some of that power back. It fills me completely it makes me whole! I act a fool cause you just think with your books and don’t see the truth.

We need to take the power back. This world is what it is… Thats right! Yeah thats right to! I know how it works… Sure its the same system everywhere… Every country… everywhere! So! Wanna be part of my illuminati! Are you enlightened! Is there a light burning inside of you!

Who do you want running this joint people! I can run this joint easy! Do you want me to be the top! I couldn’t care less! You need to ask me politely! Or else i won’t do it! You do know how much shit i am going to get right! You keep telling me how this stupid system works…

Than you know that i will get so much fucking shit! I will give them hell to… a lot of fucking shit! Feel my rage! I know my enemies! There complete punks! The so called elite! Even the fucking elite think they are punks! Trust me on this one! There are the so called elite that wanted this to happen.

They are fed up! Who do you think my teachers are… They just figured out that i was the only one paying attention. Well whatever people! Let me know!

Every day from now on i feel like i am high… Or skydiving.. or wing suit diving… This wing suit i got now is especially made by some elite tailors… They are very skilled. They want me to wear a different suit now one that you don’t wear when jumping out a plane..

But when you jump into action. A gentleman suit! A kings suit! With a tie and everything. I will wear my fucking red baseball cap though!


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