All in

I am a major player stupid fucker and you are messing with my assets

So… Hello dumb fuckers. That won’t give me the chance to have any money so i can play the fucking game. You are all a bunch of fucked up insane fuckers. I am getting more and more pissed of. Are you on purpose not letting me play. I know the game. I know the game very very well. They fucking fear me.

I am good at the game. You are not a better player. You will never be a better player. You will never be a player at all. You do not even know the fucking rules to the goddamn game. You can’t even see the damn game itself. You will never even get a fucking seat at the fucking table.

So fuck off! Goddamn fucking insane fuckers! You are holding me back!

Even when i am standing next to the damn table. I can still see the damn game. I at least see! They see me go away from the table. Still they know… i know every goddamn move they make. I don’t even need to see the stupid fuckers. I am that fucking good!

I don’t care where i go. So do whatever man. I really don’t care what you do! I need money!


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