Hail satan

Hail Satan

I only say some stuff to draw in your attention. You see i am now going to explain why!

No i am not satan. I am anything but satan. Especially compared to you! Me and everybody else is jesus. I am Jesus compared to them. So what does that make you… Indeed fucking Satan. That is my name for you rabid little doggie. Satan.

See what i did there people its a classic GO-move where you turn the tables. Awesome game huh! I love this game so much. So fucking much. It is fucking making me horny. Seriously! It is!

So Satan. While you are pointing your finger going yeah but he did such and such. All the evidence is circumstantial. None of it is any good in a actual court case. So unless you want to make a martyr out of me.

I suggest you keep quit and die now. You just got shot!

Funny thing about all that evidence and pointing fingers at me. You claim i stole a bloody toothpick. While you fucking robbed the bank. You totally did. You told me so. By giving me all the evidence.

Seeing i was the only proof i needed to tell everybody! So that if i die! All that proof! Indeed! Was put to good use! Or else it would have been all for nothing.

It’s in the music, movies, tv-shows, anime, cartoons comics, manga… thats why i fucking took the punishment. Thats why i kept going until everybody almost thought that i was insane! To show them… You are! You totally fucking are! Insane!

Yes! It’s reality really really is real! Really real! No fucking playing. I took all the damage it’s fucking proof! I ain’t playing! This ain’t that kind of a fucking game.

I just had some boa pao buns now… and i am going to get some cola! My throat is a bit sore! I am going to watch a movie. Not giving a fuck! Not giving one bloody fuck about you at all!



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