From the inside looking out

From the inside looking out!

While you are blindly staring from the outside in. You psychiatric suckers. I am looking from the inside towards you! There is a lot wrong with you people… I don’t have a chamber of commerce number so i can’t give you any advice. There is a lot wrong with your profession. Sorry!

I will tell you one thing. You need to stop messing with me! You see there is nothing wrong with your profession in general. Even if it is one of the youngest professions in the medical field. You know shit! I don’t claim to know everything about it either.

I now have the same love for it as you do. Only mine is based on psychology! Why!? Because if popping a fucking pill would have fixed me i would still be fucking popping pills. It’s not smart-ass-es! Do you really think i don’t want to get fixed!

I am not even able to get a decent job. Working nine to five. Seeing i have a short sleep span. I sleep at night and during the day. Don’t fucking touch my sleep! Put me to work and it will be the death of me. Well not really! Thats the fucking joke!

A good joke however is based on truth. Now everyone knows!

Are you insane! You are insane! It is going to take some serious time before i heal! It’s never ever going to be the same! Ever! You were absolutely fucking right to be worried. Dead on!


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