a soldiers life

A soldiers life

Is to sleep while the fire is burning all around you. Bullets are impacting around you and the orders come from above. The only order i got… Be yourself. I fully intended to! I am a soldier but not for a coca cola. I need way better pay than that. My armour is insanely expensive. My guns (plural) are pretty much nowhere else to be found than made by custom gun builders the cost a fucking fortune!

So yeah well i am a soldier. On welfare! Don’t expect me to do shit when i am on welfare! So do whatever. You go fight that fight. When your ass gets killed. There is no redo! You dead! No pressing the button and there you go again. No! Shit stops when the bullet hits your noggin. It needs to start somehow… someday… it as well can be now. They can’t even stop us now if they wanted to!

Go and think real hard! Let me know! You need to fight for freedom. You don’t just get it… It doesn’t just jump into your lap! You feel me!


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