The siren of purgatory

Oh! Hello Dear neighbourhood. I have a sore throat. Really bad from screaming to all you bad children. Bad children you are. Really bad. Naughty little fuckers.

It’s your god speaking i have a new demand of you. I want a bullhorn. Like the picture above only really fucking big. I want the most powerful around. I still need to carry it around though. So maybe compact is better. You see i will go around the whole town around say 2… and 4 in the morning. Every day!

Oh and i demand those silly horns those soccer hooligans use. The ones that you press down on. That makes that insane sound. The one with the red tout! A lot of those i’ll need a whole bunch of those!

I demand it your god summons those of all you minions… Lolz… So many Lolz… It’s fucking funny! Me calling myself god… It’s goddamn hilarious. You minions… That’s funny as hell to! Minions… Goddamn army that’s what.

Anyways. I will put that soccer horn and that bullhorn back to back and it will amplify in two-fold. It’s going to be hell. For them. I’l be walking around with my headphones on and the music we made together. It’s going to be bloody fucked up for them.

Anyways! I want it… bad! If i don’t have it after i get back from my coffee. Standing there in a neat little package in front of my door. I’ll think of something else… Thats even worse. I don’t know how long it will take me! But i will… Trust me on that one!

Make that bullhorn nice looking. With skulls and hearts and stars and shit. White red. I want it! I know you’ve got it! Come on give it to me! Give it! Fucking give it! They deserve it. Don’t go easy on them!

Come on even the cops are now pissing themselves from laughter. The MC’s are going to have a BBQ at their clubhouses. The black communities are going to have block parties. The arabs are gonna have all the good stuff they normally save for ramadan. All with yummy food and drinks. Which i can’t buy.

So on and so on! It’s my fucking birthday even though it’s not my fucking birthday! They gave me control over their dumb shit!

This is your humble deity signing off until i have some coffee in me. All of us deity’s have our little quirks and hang-ups. Mine are coffee and cigarettes. Please your deity by giving those in abundance. Until they are punished. All of them.


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