penal labour

Penal labour

Oh you think i am going to be doing hard labour… well… Here are a couple of thing i’ll be very truthful about and than i will tell you my demands. First off. My back is broken. I couldn’t do any hard labour if i wanted to. You made sure of that. The people of the job centre know… They also know i don’t mind doing hard labour they have my resume. It’s bloody fucking impressive.

Trust me. If it’s rough tough and  dirty i pretty much did it. It made me who i am today! Construction… i did it… Butcher… i did it… Market build and disassembly… i did it… Post work… i did it… Parks and fields maintenance… i did it… Separating garbage at the dump… i did it… I fucking did it all… Bitch!

Secondly! I now have PTSD. It’s not a joke if they are so stupid to do the re-intake with a woman they will have a fucking wild cat on their hands as my temper sky rockets as soon as one of them even looks funny at me. That’s all your doing. So you know… so you can go to hell… My whole fucking blog is a evidence for your handy work.

Thirdly i now have the good people that guide me through all of this dumb shit as a back up. It’s their job. And it’s a must if you want to live in this project. They know. I am not stupid. They actually think i am kind of smart and think it a fucking shame that utter fucking retards like you actually think they can stand in my shadow.

But as a fucking sweetener on the deal! If i need to… because i am innocent and being punished for no other reason than to amuse you and you want to make me into your own personal slave. Which you do! I demand that you do even worse jobs than me.

How about cleaning out containers i mean shipyard construction tar/chemical/oil containers. You get a full body suit and a high pressure water gun… The suit won’t help trust me. You will be covered with all kinds of highly toxic and dirty shit. It will last you a lifetime. Maybe you should start shaving your head. seeing you will not get it out of your hair.

Or do you like summer work. Fuck it good… then you are going to work rooftops. Have you ever done that during the offseason its dirty and stinky as hell. You are going to try and clean yourself off with special soap. It’s like scrub… it has got little pieces in it. But you might want to get some cleaning liquids from your hardware store. Use some ointments like shea butter because that shit is going to eat up your skin. But you will do this during the summer… When its fucking hot. You will want to work in shorts and a t-shirt… but you can’t… You will need s facemark to.

Then you have the last option. The fish factory! Cold hands and a lot of water. This one sounds the easiest doesn’t it. How good are you with a knife. Thanks to some training i was kind of good at it. But not as good as these ladies. You are going to cut yourself so often. So fucking often. It is pretty much the stench of the fish that’s going to fuck you up… i love it… the smell of fish is good. But the guts… different story… Go on! Give it a try! A long board with a hole in it and a tempo that insane. They will keep chatting and you will keep fucking up!

I have done hard labour bitch!

They want me out of here. You want me over there. I don’t care where i go as long as it is not here. So do whatever man. I really don’t care what you do! I need money!


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