Popping a zit

My sex life!

Yeah well! Don’t feel sorry for me! It’s done! You have done so much damage there is no going back. This is pretty much going to be the same as popping a zit. Which if you do it properly is kind of releasing, but you won’t be doing anything super exciting seeing it doesn’t make much sense anymore.

So yeah it is a release! Nice blowjob would do it… But it would be mechanical and cold. I won’t be servicing any of you ladies. That’s just for your enjoyment. Nothing for me at all… So no fucking way! Pay me dumb bitch pay insane amounts of money. We are talking new fucking animation studio amounts of money!

They want me out of here. You want me over there. I don’t care where i go as long as it is not here. So do whatever man. I really don’t care what you do! I need money!


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