I'm gonna hug you!

Lets all sing the doom song now!

Thanks all of those who didn’t fuck up! Cuz admit it! These people… i mean… really… What the fuck is wrong with them. Fuck them. All of you good people are getting my best wishes and hugs, the ladies can get a kiss to if they want. See you whenever! I want to say i’ll buy the drinks. But i have no clue if i even will have the money for it!


I am going to sit on my ass… Until i see the people at the fucking shrink. Which i believe now will be nothing more than a formality… But whatever… I don’t care… They are all insane!

They want me out of here. You want me over there. I don’t care where i go as long as it is not here. So do whatever man. I really don’t care what you do! I need money!


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