It is most definitely not me!

Normally i would say! I am very sorry people. It’s me. Fuck it! It’s not! It is really really not! It’s you! All of this dumb shit is you… Not me… Nothing about this is about me! You have tried for over four years to reach me. I have no clue as of what you were trying to achieve. Seriously none!

The next three years i am not going to do anything anymore except see what you guys do. I am tired of explaining everything and if i keep talking to you. Talk to my computer. My mobile phone. Neighbours listening in. All that shit. I will start to believe i am crazy… I am not! No! I am not! I however was venting.

Venting a lot.

How dare you people judge me! Seriously! You now can go frolic around and do whatever. I really don’t care what you do! You are never going to reach me. I am not even amused anymore… I am starting to believe you are seriously all insane. So do whatever.

You go and decide the next three years what you want to go do with me. I really don’t want anything to do with you anymore. Trying to make me do all these stupid things. What… da… fuq!

Do i need to become a recluse again. I don’t think so. I love watching people in general. I do. So i will.

You see there is a limit. You have now reached it. I will stop explaining things. You need to start figuring shit out all by yourself now. I am going on a long well deserved holiday. Which means i will stay at home. Dance around my living room and make funny faces at you when you pass my window.

When those three years are over. I will have a chamber of commerce number. I will do whatever the fuck i please after that. Which means i won’t be doing much work here in the Netherlands. No i won’t.

There are just a couple of people i have connected with. Definitely not many. Some of you very smart people are very disconnected from reality. So just keep listening in. Try make me say stuff. It really won’t work.

I want to include the fact i really feel lonely sometimes when i talk about complicated issues.

Don’t call me… Don’t email me… Don’t message me on social media… Don’t talk to me on the street… Unless we are exchanging information about buying stuff… Or whatever.

You do not know me. You live in the Netherlands and you do not know anything about me. I am going to watch you people! That’s it… Three years worth…

Then… like i give a rats ass people! It’s going to be the same everywhere i go… People who think they know me. Huh! Sure! That’s a bit pretentious now isn’t it.

Sure i know a lot about you… i do mean a serious fucking lot. But i never pretended to know everything. I do however know everything about me.

I am breaking up with you!


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