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As a kid i still colour outside the lines

Still… We started out with just some black and white lines. I added the first colour. Red my favourite colour. It stands for love, passion, socialism… respect… the demon with in me when hypocrites open their mouth. Then we started to add more colour. First some blue. Seeing without blue there is no red.

Then our kids. Purple… Combine blue and red you get purple. Good one kid… I hope i get a smart little guy like you some day. Little pirate! You are still young… You are going places! Some green seeing with a green future we can make it… and its the opposite of purple…

Funny huh! We added some yellow, some brown, how else are you going to liven things up… You need some atmosphere and depth in there right… oh don’t forget the oranges… the royal colour of them all. Works well with pretty much all the colours. Just try it. It’s a awesome colour.

In the end i used a finalise agent made of white and a crown pen… It started leaking and became a even bigger line… and bigger and bigger… Just to highlight all the other colours. I guess it needed to awaken or something. Whatever. I now have a fucking thick nice white paint marker… Works way better and i can tag anything i like with it. It’s the modern version of the old crown pen.

We are redoing some of our work… Starting out with red white and black again so you can recognise us. We will colour the picture real quick. We have awakened we are the anti fascist army coming to fuck you up!!

Innovation… was the play and i will keep colouring outside the lines. Thats what i do… So i can emphasise the inside of the box. This way my homies can push the bad influences towards me in the mosh-pit. So i can fucking punch them in the mouth. Oh sorry that was a bit aggressive of me. Hum… right like i care. I’m guarding the future. So fuck you!

They want me out of here. You want me over there. I don’t care where i go as long as it is not here. So do whatever man. I really don’t care what you do! I need money!


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