Thanks sweet girl but that wasn't necessary...

Animation Studio

I want to start my own Animation Studio. With me leading it. Being the director… Art-Director… Creative Director… Just plain all round mother-fucking evil son of a bitch boss. Fifty to a hundred steady employees and 500 freelancers and all the hardware and software. Fucking room and board for all the people we need to get in. Office space. Lunches… all the way to the drivers… Never forget the drivers or the cleaning ladies.

That’s what i want. I can do pretty much anything i like i could even govern your dumb ass planet. With ease! Real ease! I would be your fucking big brother holding your hand guiding you through all that dumb shit you encounter in life. I could but i am not! I am pissed off at you! You don’t deserve me.

So i am going to go wherever. Do you know how many good animators there are. Have you seen the line-up in The East-Block you know those cold countries like Russia and shit! I would fucking love to go there and visit. Do you think they are going to be as stupid as you! Seeing they are lying in wait like a bear waiting on the salmon to pop out his head.

I ain’t no salmon though. Thats why they are waiting. They are not stupid. They want to know if i am as gullible as you make me seem. Hooking up with America showering me with all kinds of gifts for my portfolio. Are you all enjoying the travel much. Did you all enjoy your stay in New York and California and so on and so on. I am not coming over. I am not a mouse you can starve and then lure in to eat the bait!

Japan isn’t that stupid either. Or China! Well whole goddamn Asia actually as soon as i said GO… they thought… What the fuck… No! Really at ten… Thats amazing… especially for a fucking white kid. They really cursed when they said my name… I know… because they knew the chances of me fucking them over suddenly became something not to bet against. They love to bet. They hate to lose! So well… i became a no go area. Especially because i told them even if they were to be trusted. I wouldn’t trust them. Because of white folk treating me like shit. Because of white folk… Every goddamn time… Every mother-fucking goddamn time.

Arabia. Seriously!? Me going there is like putting gasoline on a fire. No it would be more like trying to ignite a barbecue with a atom bomb. Still i would go and visit. Talk about philosophy and the great minds of our time and those who passed away. And leave. However. They wouldn’t mind investing. They know i am not a dumb motherfucker. Seeing they don’t care as where i live nor how i live as they can make a good man happy and make some major money out of it.

No the stupid ones are the stereotypical ones! Dumb white folk. Mother fucking dumb ass white folk.

Oh and that picture is from studio Ghibli…Way back… from waaaaaaaaaaay back. Thats them then. Where are you guys now. You so fucking need me… You do… You so fucking need me!

They want me out of here. You want me over there. I don’t care where i go as long as it is not here. So do whatever man. I really don’t care what you do! I need money!


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