You got nothing for me

You have nothing for me!

Admit it! We are done! I am going to go my way! You go do your thing. Do whatever! I don’t care! Everybody now knows you have fucked me over. You can walk proudly among your friends and go and tell everyone. You know i really fucked up that poor guy that saved his girlfriend from a lifetime of living in a straightjacket.

He was so poor he didn’t even have enough money to buy decent food. Even that i fucked up for him. Made him run around town buying all this dumb shit. Just to let him make a point. He did. But all of it was futile. I just kept sending him around like a little dog chasing a ball.

You can tell them all about you being a strong alpha male that was showing me how the world works and all that dumb shit. You can go tell everybody how fucking fantastic you are. That you are so much better than all those poor folk scrunching around for that pocket change.

Have a good laugh about it and disappear in that castle of a house of yours. With the insane big luxury car. With your trophy wife and spoiled little brats. That have no clue how the world works so you need money to survive… You do or else you wouldn’t last a second in my world.

They would swallow you whole!

Go ask your spoiled little brats now living in this part of the woods… Where the fuck did these assholes come from. They have no clue do they. I can do this all three years and don’t even break a sweat. Seriously. It’s going to be hell on them. You know so they keep bugging you for more money telling you that they are being punished unfairly.

Thats why they are in such a hurry. They want it over with! Well thats up to them isn’t it. They don’t give a crap about someones life now why do they give a crap about giving away money. Do they want to buy blow so badly they can’t separate themselves from their precious dough. Are they that addicted to snow!

This is going to fuck them up so badly! Well… welcome to rehab kids. Welcome to rehab!

Oh and by the way! Nobody is going to believe you were the alpha male! I am… I am your goddamn god! Bitch!


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