my new playthings

You are my little toys

I have gotten the ultimate power. To rule without fear over some human beings. Human beings that have no respect for other human beings lives! They are my cute little playthings these coming years. I will slowly dismantle every last one of them. First lose up their threads. The start to pull of limb by limb. until i can reach their hearts and squeeze them slowly to a pulp. Slowly! Very fucking slowly.

I will put them in the washer. Put that washer on way to high. So that they will shrink. They will have running mascara and shitty tattoos. They are going to have clouded eyes because of the rubbing of their eyes against the steely sides of the washing drum. So that they can only see their inner-selves and the shit that they are made out of.

I will grind off the paint of those who have a hard skin… Roughly and put some biting fluids on their skins just for starters. Accordingly i will paint them a different colour. Only to eventually to smash them to bits. That’s going to take some time though i still have the screws to put into them. Some nails. A shitload of insects that eat different materials.

Just for fucking fun! Just for fucking fun! Because i was made god! Not by my own right. But by those who rule over them. They will be punished. They must be punished. I will fucking love punishing them for what these dumb fuckers did. I do not believe there to be a god. I am but mere flesh and blood. Dust that will become dust. They have taken my best years on this planet. I will make them pay.

Slowly and painfully with all my kindness! Even if it takes me forever. Now that i know i will not leave in three years. I will stay. For as long that it takes. As for as long that it takes! even if it will take ten or twenty years… Or thirty! Forty even… I have nowhere to go. No money. No dreams. No future!

My sole purpose in life is to fuck with them. My only purpose! I will enjoy myself! It’s goddamn party time. My party. It’s my goddamn birthday!


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