toothpaste analogy

You are all toothpaste

Do you know how you use a tube of toothpaste. No! It’s real easy! You start from the bottom and work your way all the way up to the top! And you don’t stop until everything has come out! So i will.

I’ll start with all of the street level thugs. Slowly and steadily work all my way up to the highest authority! There is nothing you can do to stop me. Nothing.

You took me for a fool. You thought i would lay down and take the beating. You are absolutely fucking wrong. If i tell this shit i will tell it to those who got screwed. Lets start with those in prison.

Do you think they are without connections. No they are not. They know when they are being lied to! And you are all a bunch of filth. So this is going to be the easiest fucking squeeze ever!

They will fucking love me in prison. they will go like you the honest motherfucker that fucked up the whole country. They fucking framed your ass. Just because they were the filth.

And i will say yeah they even got that high profile thug in here to fuck with everyone! You know. The other guys with trumped up charges. Yeah the whole lot of them. It was all a fucking scheme!

It will all come out! All the dirty little secrets. Because you just can’t keep yourself from pacing yourself. You just wanted the fucking money. Now it’s going to be a beautiful fucking mess.

All over your damn bathroom. Your city belongs to me! Your country belongs to me! I won’t fucking stop. I will keep squeezing until the whole country is done and is lying on your beautiful tiles and they all want to fuck you up!

You will go and beg me to leave. I won’t listen i will squeeze you for everything you got! And then some! Seeing i am the only honest and good person in this whole goddamn town… In this whole goddamn mother-fucking shit of a country!

Thank you all for this wonderful tube of toothpaste!


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