Waste of money

Waste of goddamn money

Yeah! The people of Amsterdam knew. They fucking knew i wouldn’t like to stay. But hey the greedy bastards needed the money for cleaning up this part of the city. I know there were dealers and junkies all around here. So they fucking grabbed the chance. They didn’t ask me because they didn’t care. They still don’t… they think they are so fucking smart. They are going to be so surprised when i leave.

Especially the fucker in his workers outfit. You haven’t wore a goddamn day in your life! Bitch sitting behind a desk is not work… It’s vacation. Fuck you! You wouldn’t be able to ride your bike that fast. You would be like me taking the pain and working through it.

Now how do you like me now! Telling everybody! What are you going to do! Nothing fucker! Absolutely nothing! You grabbed the wrong pack of money! Mine! Dumb ass bitch! Selling your soul as well… A two for one sale! Dumb ass motherfucker! Look at you now. You are not going to be able to show your face around any of your colleagues! Sucker! I didn’t sell my soul to the devil. He know i don’t need his ass to take down lowlife shits like you!

Pure unadulterated hate for all that is hypocrite. All of you motherfuckers are a bunch of fucking hypocrites. Judging me as the devil. The demon. Yes! I am a pure force of punishment. For all that is evil and hypocrite! Trying to frame me for stuff you did. It’s on dumb motherfuckers. Bring your best game. It’s a fucking mosh-pit and i am going to pin you all to the mother-fucking cross. I told you once i open the pandora’s box there is no way back. Now you have made me pop my trunk. All hell will break lose.

Go on… Do your worst i don’t care i am going to fuck up your city so bad. I will curse and call you all names and go fucking ballistic when you roll by and say dumb shit! I will hype this up so bad. You are going to become all religious bitches and pray to god to please shut me up. But i won’t i will never. Go on brand me insane! I will just keep on going. Making it even worse! I just got started assholes!

You have dug your own grave! Dumb shits!


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