Voor straf! (pappa legt het je ff uit)

So little boy! You talked to a soccer trainer. Well good for you. You however didn’t pay much attention now did you. No you didn’t. First mistake that you made is that you mistaken the importance of every individual player. You see a defence player has different setup than a offensive player. Not forgetting the importance of a mid fielder. Who is the support for both the offensive as the defensive players.

So while you are all hanged up about the fact that a trainer needs to guide a player to the right path. You only see your own benefit. Not that of the player. Nor the team. You see you have your whole field… we are playing the left technique. Because we are all lefties. We have the far left… our brothers and sister that defend us from going to liberal. We have our centre fielders who start the discussion between them and the liberal lefties… our attackers… You see they are liberal because they see a future for our children. Also our children’s children. While our defenders make sure we don’t go overboard.

You have a player that is like myself. I myself play defence as well as offence the only difference between me and a normal player is. I play offence as hardcore as a defence. I go straight for the shins. Break them where they stand. As a defence i play as aggressive as any offensive player. I will hunt you down like there is no tomorrow.

So what do you do with one of those players… set him in the back… no… mid field… seeing he has got the range… No! Do you put him up front because you know he can take the punishment. Yet he can still attack. While he never is afraid to ask the rest for information or their individual input. Knowing the value of themselves as well as theirs.

At least he doesn’t need a spin doctor… No need… he is his own. Ofcourse he is going to use one. He’s not stupid… Yet that needs to be one serious fighter.

And you let him play with the juniors… Now seriously how good a judge of character are you. When you let a global renowned player from the major leagues… that burns out even those players… play with juniors. That is without a doubt the most humiliating thing you could have ever done… With all his might he tried to not fuck them up for life…

You know that his back is broken yet you let him run around doing all kinds of errands which makes it worse. Trying to force feed him things he doesn’t feel like eating. It makes him sick.

You go around telling everyone that you are the master. As a little kid that’s not smart. As your daddy i am telling you this because i love you and don’t hate you! Now go to your room! You are being punished! Try and think about how you are going to win my love back again!

Then i am going to think about the fact it’s not to late! I really do think it is to late! You are more a mommies boy! Mum loves daddy. So don’t even try and go to her. She already knows.



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