I quitted a long time ago

Uhm! Sorry no thanks! I quitted long ago!

I quitted… like seriously. There is nothing wrong with weed. Nothing at all. Seriously hash too. They fucked up the workings of the anti psychotics that you made me take.

By force! Remember you forced it on me. By law! Fuckers! I kept saying i was okay. That i hated medication that would fuck with my brain. I kept saying no!

Anyways. The people at the prevention of psychosis are no fools they told me that if i would smoke weed the THC would counteract the workings of the anti-psychotics. So… Nothing wrong with me!

Well i was still a bit groggy! I mean i still signed some stupid shit with my autograph instead of my paragraph. Hey! At least i know! I know everything. Everything!

But i stopped smoking. Oh! yeah i warned you about that didn’t i. You see i didn’t mind smoking weed. It gives me a edge. It gives me the assassins concentration. At the same time it gave me the opportunity to play you.

I needed to. You made me. I don’t care i quitted that long ago, because i couldn’t find anyone who would actually play on my level. You see i played GO since i was fucking ten. Against masters. Okay!

Cool! I stopped playing GO. Started playing people. That got boring to. I could make them do anything i liked. Which is fucking easy… so easy i didn’t want to anymore! I did however used it only for good. Not like you! Not like you at all!

But i only smoked weed… well because if i didn’t… I would have fucked you up at three times the speed. You have put so much effort into it! So much effort i feel honoured. Even though i won. Again and again and again.

I love telling you people all of this. I am hoping on some better players. Seriously! I walked away from the board and the stupid fucker keeps calling me back. He wants to know how i did it.

Saying but what about this… and this… And i go… Dude! Look at the board. Those are my pieces all of them… the black ones! You wanted to play white seeing everybody thinks you are the good guys. See there is one piece left. So i still got all of mine! You have one piece!

Here’s the catch! I play instinctively! A ‘GO’ player who plays instinctively is just as good as a tactical player. So it really doesn’t matter who showed up! GO is also way more difficult to play than chess and it is like life. Chess is not.

However i love studying chess players. They think they know how life works according to a game! Uhm! No life is not a game! Anything but! But GO does resemble life a lot… But still is not life!

But i quitted a long time ago! Smoking weed that is. So welcome to hell. I now play three times the speed. When i am sleeping. When you rile me up i get into my zone! Like a athlete that is forcing himself to go beyond his limits.

Completely sane! Yes! No overdrive… No weird shit. Nothing. Pure bio. No other stimulant! Just me being me! Completely sane and without any drugs.

So keep playing! You are such a fucking addict! I left the table though! I won! I fucking creamed your ass. Is it still hurting. Can you even sit!

Maybe you need to go see the doctor. I don’t know make up a excuse. Say you made a bet of putting a cactus up your ass for a shitload of money! Go tell him about your addiction to! Go tell him you are so addicted you don’t know how to quit!

Now you are sitting all alone at the table in front of the board and nobody is there no more and you still want to play! I quitted my addiction. Easy! For you it’s going to be a lot tougher!

Lots of luck with that!


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