She lives in a goddamn alternate universe

She is not from this planet!

She lives in a goddamn alternate universe. You know this to be true! That’s why you want me in her life. So she stays grounded. She is all over the fucking place. Has hardly any understanding of reality. She studies psychology… What the fuck… Is she so messed up she needs books to understand. Or is she so fucked up that she doesn’t understand you. Or are you so fucked up thats why she is fucked up and you both don’t get each other. Or are you just the one thats fucked up.

I really want to meet you now. You guys sound very fucking amazing. From a anthropological point of view so to say! I bet you guys fight a lot to. She with all her toys and travels trying to see the world. Trying to discover herself. Re-invent herself and all that low level psychology bullshit. You guys would make a excellent subject for a sit-com… Oh wait thats been done already like a billion times. It’s fucking boring.

This is getting fucking hilarious! I bet you are some old school money making machine. Sounds awesome! I bet you can teach me some shit. Not much but some! But i have no interest in her at all. Seriously none! She is completely from a alternate universe. She is smart and somewhat pretty to look at. Not my type at all. Not even close. She could be a good friend… Even though she is a bloody know it all.

Well let’s see who’s going to put the next spoiled little brat my way! Come on! I wanna see your cards. You are so fucking bluffing it is really silly to watch.


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