i know you people

No they did not want me to be happy!

They believe that atheist are godless, moral-less monsters that drink, fuck and do drugs. They had no intention of giving me any kind of reward. None. I am a professional strategist. Trust me on this one. I have talked to many stars and celebrities. They know the game. I do to and i fucking love toying with these fascist fucks. I do.

They (the fascist fucks) think the following. First get them comfortable. Shower them with gifts. Fucking use their awkward behaviour against them. Because if it is not the missionary position. It’s fucking awkward. Well i like to go into detail with what i like. But it is actually pretty boring. Nope not that boring i mean i fucking have Hentai and Porn in my portfolio.

Which they fucking love. They jerk off to my sexual experiences as mad little horny gimps. And their kids do to. I got proof. I needed that to be in my portfolio. Because i needed previous experiences to fall back on. So i could get through anything they throw at me. It’s medicine! Psychological… self… homemade… medicine!

I have no preference… Missionary… doggy… french, greek, i did it all. Why did i do it all. Because they were freaky woman and comfortable with being freaky woman. It’s bloody sexy. I don’t like woman who are not comfortable with their sexuality. They disgust me!


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