Pay for me!

Let the bidding begin

Today dear ladies and gentleman we are selling Alfons Scholing. We all know what he did. You are no fools well not all of you. So you want a good man for your daughter. Let’s be fair. Nobody did what he did! So we are going to sell him very expensive.

He now has PTSD… Come on you gave it to him. So you know it to be true! It’s like being gay… Only he doesn’t like men. So he is completely fucked. He can’t be killed. Than you get nothing. Absolutely Nothing. Not even afterwards… Great feature huh!

He loves making jokes and he is fucking good at it to! But he is not a clown. Oh and he is completely sane! In contrary what anyone says!

Seeing he got PTSD he won’t be easy to cheat on your daughter. He won’t even enjoy normal sex. It’s going to be her servicing him. He is completely straight and a really good strategist! Analyst… Well i can go on for a very long long time!

You all know!

All the money will be donated to his personal account! So let’s start the bidding at… oh i don’t know…

30.00o billion euros.


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