I didn't do shit

I didn’t do shit!

I didn’t do shit! And you know it! It was all you! I didn’t order you to do anything… you didn’t want to do all by yourself to begin with. You fed me all your bullshit and i just went… hmm okay do whatever man. Why?! Because it is not going to work.

My exes are pissing themselves. They are laughing their asses off. They knew. I ain’t no fool. Even my enemies went… The fuck is this old fart stupid. They in their right minds would never ever mess with me again.

I am smart as hell. Just me being me. I would jump not through all of your hoops without leaving a evidence trail from here to yonder. So those who did evil got evil back. Those who did good got good back.

It’s one major fuck fest. I can do this all day! Coming next three years. It’s just going to hurt you more and more. And nobody is going to get the wiser. Isn’t that awesome.

It is fucking amazing. All of this is just one major fucking magic trick to you huh! But keep assuming you know me! Because by doing so. You will keep making more and more mistakes.

I really don’t care what you think of me.


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