I am the truth

I am

The mother-fucking truth! Bitch! Don’t fuck with me! Why the fuck should i lie about shit. If the truth is even more fucked up! Seriously. Tell me the fuck why. Keep coming at me! I will only make it go on longer. Longer and longer and longer. You’re parents are afraid of me. Afraid of what i might tell the public. They know i know stuff the minute i lay my eyes on you.

They have tested me in Berlin. Came to the conclusion my instincts are dead on. As in… Dead on… I do not miss a beat. I am going to repeat myself! I do not miss a beat. Now i am going to emphasise it again. I do NOT miss a beat. Not one! Not ever. Never ever! Fear me! You puny little humans. Fear me good.

I will skin you alive! Now smile and pretend you like me!


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