I am so gay (right now)

I am so gay… right now! Really! I mean i am really happy! gay = happy… Don’t believe me here is a link to a dictionary!

  • adj. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.
  • adj. Excited with merriment; manifesting sportiveness or delight; inspiring delight; livery; merry.

Why am i so gay, cause i know gay people. Yes! Now i am referring to the sexual orientation. Funny how that word works. It is so flexible and multi sided. Just like gay people. You fucking hate me right now don’t you!

Seeing i am as straight as a arrow! This is a saying which imply’s that i am never lying nor am i trying. But also imply’s that i am a heterosexual. Straight… Get it!

Oh come one you love the fact i am such a incredible bitch! I am and lets be honest they fucking deserved this. They did. They think you are lesser human beings than i am. They do. They really really do! So i burned them. Bad! Real bad. Just like you would,

So i made you hate me first or else i couldn’t do this shit! Sorry! Still love you guys and gals. But these dumb motherfuckers keep playing and they are insane! They really are insane! Literally!

So i am going to be the bitch that i am and let them keep playing. While i sit back and relax and look at their dumb faces while i don’t react. So what they think they are so smart. Let them be smart then. Time will show how wrong they are. As in as wrong as fascist fucks… yeah as wrong as fascist fucks. Thats right!

They will figure it out! Eventually they will go like! Fuck this guy! He is not reacting. Even if it takes me years! No way in hell i am going to do anything i don’t like!

So there you go! Smell your own shit! You made your bed. Go lay in it! I am so happy right now!


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