Fake forensic evidence

Fake forensic evidence

Pooh! Wouldn’t that be it! Getting set up! Because i have soiled some sheets of a certain young lady at a guys place who sub-rented it out illegally to me. Because they were to lazy to give me clean sheets. Or because his dad is a cop and it’s been a setup from the beginning. I fully creamed that bitch her sheets like a motherfucker!

It was lovely it was like fucking your wife! Hmmm! Here’s some cum for you open wide! Oh! Thats a good little money hungry whore! There you go! feeling low as shit right now don’t you! You dirty little whore! You want some more! Yes! You do don’t you! You want it up your ass. Because you enjoy it so much! You do! Beg for it! Come on bitch beg for it! You like it and you want more money!

Sucks to be you man! Sucks to be you! I would have totally quit already! Serious. I wouldn’t fucking do any of that dumb shit. I am a gentleman.


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