Well thats not hard at all

Compared to you i am goddamn Jesus!

It’s true ain’t it! Compared to you… All of you… i am goddamn Jesus. Are you going to nail me to the cross now! Seriously is history going to repeat itself. Or is this the final straw.

I am not in some delusional mind state. This is it right! Yeah! It is. Fuck me. That wasn’t so hard. Anybody can be like Jesus. I am a atheist jesus though. But serious all of you are shit!

Fucking shit! I will curse you all until eternity! Watch me! I will walk through this city when needed. Seeing you motherfuckers want me to… Than i will. I will walk and shout every time!

Again and again. You motherfuckers killed Jesus. You did! Fuckers. You killed me. There is just a little glimpse. But you can’t even take that on. I won’t say you killed Jesus. I will find something else to shout. Fucking you up each and every time!

I will keep reminding you are all shit! That’s it! I will keep shouting: ‘You are shit!’

Compared to you i am Jesus. So come on. Let me walk through the streets again. Assholes! You better shut the fuck up! Take it all! Take my wrath! Feel my wrath! Bitch!

I am going to walk this goddamn earth and curse you all! Curse you all! The whole lot of you!


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