You can call me sensei

But if you do… Do you really understand what i do. I will simplify it for you. Really simple!

My style is the one of love. It’s not aggressive or defensive. It’s more aggressive-defensive or defensive-aggressive. I use the power you have against you. I use your attacks as my defence and as a attack at the same time. The information that you give to impress me or subdue me or with what kind of intentions you might have – it really doesn’t matter is nothing more to me then a study and use against you.

I am flexible but i am unmovable at the same time. I will never budge to whatever you do, I move with you and against you at the same time. I am teaching you the lesson of being the eternal student. I love you so much that i study you and teach you a hard lesson. A very hard lesson. Because i love you! I will punish you. Severely and without regret!

Everything comes back to you! We dutch say: ‘Een koekje van eigen deeg geven’. Peace!


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