Why am i telling you all of this!

Well sweety! It’s a goddamn sausage-fest over here in the mosh-pit. Because thats what it is. It’s a fucking mosh-pit! Everybody is here. From distinguished gentleman to the ultimate brutes. It is a battle royal. I however fully dominate. I just keep clearing the pit. It’s what i do. Sometime i don’t even use my hands. I just put them behind my back and make it harder for myself. That’s how much i like it!

No i didn’t tell you everything. Go talk to the ladies that stand around the mosh-pit. They got some game. Some serious game. But they mostly like the men playing the game. It completely creams them. I know. I can play with them anytime they feel like it. I said when they feel like it. They got my number so when they feel like it. They can come play with me. Does that piss you off! Good! Because i will play with them.

So you go clear that pit. I’ll wait. I’m tired and i need to deal with some issues. Then i will get some of my money. After that i am going to have a drink with some of the suits. They have a shitty endurance so they are already tired and waiting at the bar. They need to wait a long time. I’m broke.

And then i am going straight into that pit again. So don’t you dare touch my weapons. Don’t you even think of trying to tie me down. If you can clear that pit and truly love me. You will respect that. I don’t touch yours. If you don’t touch mine. Oh you can try as a joke. But if you don’t do it as a joke you will end up like the ladies standing next to the pit. You don’t ever want to go in anymore. I will fuck you up so bad.

Have fun!


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