Huge motherfucking prices

The only insane thing…

The only insane thing about me are going to be my prices. They are going to be fucking huge! I mean really fucking huge! So huge that pretty much only major corporations can afford them. You know those companies that are to big to fail. Those companies. Not your average little shop around the corner. Not your 50 to a 100 people of employment.

No not those! The really fucking big ones! The major conglomerates. They like me they know i got balls. Serious big cojones! You can buy two of the most expensive Lexus cars from the starting rate! The starting rate! The lowest rate i will hold. Maybe even higher! Depending on how i feel in three years! I am losing seven of my years remember. All thanks to you people!

So anyway thats the deal! I told them so! If i am telling the truth than i can decide my own rate and they will have to abide! So maybe it is smart just to let things go i said. But you didn’t… they didn’t… nobody did. So it is done! The damage is going to be immense.

Know your value people. Know your value!


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