Professionals only

Professionals only

So yeah! Well lets just say i had some bad experiences with my previous decent. I came out on top! They call me a fucking god now. Big whoop! So! Next time only professionals allowed. No more riffraff. I am done with little fuckers fucking up my ride. I love this game. So no more fuck ups!

Let’s go people! You will need to wait three years… Still have a debt and can’t get my chamber of commerce number until that time. But i will see you then. Sucker’s.

In the meantime i will keep all my trophies. Even the pirates hat and all the badges from MC’s and Marines and coppers. The crown i am gonna tip on my head. The jester hat i will put underneath! I have no need for your religious hats. Keep them. The Guy Fawkes mask is burning somewhere in a trashcan. I got my own. It’s a a bear’s mask. I eat wolf’s for breakfast.

So until whenever…


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