Poor fellow

Poor fellow

The best tactic to groom a professional is explained in this small example.

I have due to the instalment of a very expensive lock on my front door a crevice where mice can come in. The mice are looking for food and a warm place to stay. They have found a nice warm place to stay. It’s behind my fridge. I don’t mind though. They are not welcome. You see i am on welfare. Which pretty much means i am unable to sustain more mouths then my own. even my own is a problem.

There is no food in my house where the poor fellow can munch on. So i let him run around for some time. I could get a cat, but then i have another mouth to feed. No money… So that’s out of the question. The cheapest and effective way is to let the mice do their thing for a while.

After a time they get hungry. They want food. So i go to the store and buy some grain with poison. They fucking love grain as a meal even in normal circumstances. Now he is hungry as hell and also all of his family. So i put the poisoned food where he is able to get to real easy.

Now he is eating his fill and his wife and children… Success guaranteed.

This works for mice! People are way smarter than mice.


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