Crazy lady

It wasn’t about me! It was about you!

Hey you! With your polka dots and pink nails. With you silly little habits. Drinking fancy cocktails and having diner parties. You broke down when i let you see a glimpse of what i was up to. I still see you sitting on the floor after you crashed… crying like there was no tomorrow. You are living in a wonderful world of rainbows and funny pictures. Positive motivational posters and all that stuff.

After i send you a email telling i was done with my portfolio which was my only goal i didn’t need anything else. I was a bit angry at you because i knew you didn’t understand then and i told you what i did. Told you there was a price on my head. Which there was. I have my connections… Look at my portfolio… Can’t get any realer huh!

Those connections and i don’t live in a wonderful world like yours. These are real threats and you went ballistic. Called my aunt and totally flipped. She told me because she didn’t know why. So i told her and she told me not to tell anyone. I don’t care. You went fucking ballistic.

What did you think would happen if they did get me. You would end up being a crazy lady with a shitload of medicine. Repetitive visits to the doctor. All because i did it for them… and you! That’s why i did the german thing. ‘Einer dieser steine – Sido’. Yeah you thought i was some kind of pussy! Well i am not! Lucky you!

One Love!


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