the end-boss of the world

Hey! You do know i am playing the ultimate end-boss right now… Huh!

It was a long run and now i have arrived to the final stage! He is still moving his king around. Making one move after the other. Every time he figures out he is checkmate again. And again. And again. He is throwing everything he has got at me. More and more smaller creatures show up. They are slain or join my side. I am not even trying anymore. I am fully in the zone!

The difference is he looks normal. Except he is in a full on psychosis… or maybe just heavily manic. Either way i am not – i just look insane, however i am completely sane! I just really love the fucking game! I love slaying the evil one! He is evil. Thats why i want his job. I am not evil! But i am equally matched, maybe even a bit better. I fully intend to bring the pain.

My armour is complete and fully functional. My weapons are fully loaded and stashed away in my backpack. I got the knife out. I am hunting his sorry ass. He blinked. He is now running away and afraid. Still giggling hysterical hoping i will blindly follow his ass so he can lure me into a trap.

It’s not going to work. I will give him the endless run around. I have enough time. There is no clock running. He has no more minions to throw at me and every time i slay one i get more powers. So it’s completely futile. I am waiting until he makes his move or drops his guard. Or just until he drops of the face of this earth. Either way i win.

I want his job. So don’t bother me with your bullshit! I am playing.


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