All together now!

All together now

Come on i know you can do it all together now. All the cops all the security agencies all the people i used in my project all the criminals all the sexy ladies… everybody don’t forget the helicopter… fuck it use them all and a shitload of ambulances. Oh and cop cars. Like a whole platoon.

Keep yapping bullshit around me. Try and make me believe your insane bullshit. You what! Try and scare me! With what exactly! I don’t give a fuck keep trying… Just keep trying!

Fuck it bring in the motherfucking army. With the King walking up front. All the politicians. Yeah them to! They all knew. They were all trying to set me up! The damn fuckers in the psychiatric shit. Them to. Try and brand me insane!

Nobody is going to believe your fucking bullshit. Put all the sirens on. Come on bitches try me. I bet you will figure it out! It is not going to work!

Oh and all the happy smiley couples… Oh don’t forget about them to.  With babies and all that other insane shit! Yeah that’s it try me… You fucking try me!

Keep making those two click sounds. That just keeps the adrenaline going. I want you to piss me off it makes me stronger. I will fuck with you until the end of days!

It’s a fucking moshpit! Finally! I am flying solo! And will take you all down one by one!


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