Streetfighter versus Gentleman

Street-fighter vs Gentleman

I am a gentleman, but i grew up with street fighters. I am also a street fighter i fully dominate with my style. I am raised by a lot of tough guys and gals. They know my style. It is with the utmost respect and love. Yet it is a street fighter.

You know this to be true. That i am a fighter that uses love as a weapon. It is my strongest weapon i told you so. That’s why you attacked it. I told you because i knew when i told you… You would attack it… and you would think i would switch tactic.

So i did i went from gentleman to street-fighter and fucking put a turbo on that love. I went super-sayan on your ass. I went full postal on your ass. Because i also warned you. With that love i protect. I am not aggressive by nature. I am a lover. I protect those who need protection.

I am ice cold. But within that ice there burns a super nova. So bright you can’t even look straight into it.

You expected me to stay a gentleman because everybody is afraid of ridicule. I however am not. I really don’t care… I really don’t. I’ll scream and shout like a mad man. Just because you are really insane! You are so insane that after all these warnings you can’t seem to quit!

And you hate confrontation. You despise it! I love it. It gives me a fucking boner. It makes me want to tear you apart and make mad love with you. So you keep screaming and shouting for help! All that emotion all that power. It is swallowing you whole!

The people love it and fear it at the same time!


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