You dropped the ball

I warned you not to drop the ball!

And you did! You dropped the ball. Not once. Not twice. But three times. Now i have PTSD it’s going to last me a lifetime! So no more woman.  And you make me go out in the world. Making it worse every time again and again.

On the 8th of June i need to go to you dumb shits again at the GGZ inGeest (partner of the VUmc) and again i will subjected to a lot of woman. On purpose. You are doing this dumb shit on purpose. Making it worse and worse! You are insane!

Are you trying to make it worse on purpose. Yes! You are… aren’t you! Insane bitches!

Oh and they have the fucking gall to ask if i would get a registry from the chemist. Not going to happen. For my own good i am not going. Because then i need to walk all the way trough Amsterdam. To the Overtoom and de Utrechtsestraat and than back again to Krugerplein.

Not going to happen. Assholes! Like i said… It’s your move! Fix it! You dropped the damn ball. Go fucking fix it!


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