I am the champion?

Irony… I am waiting on you to make your move. Still… Still waiting. Everybody else thinks you are crazy. Because they see that there is no place to go. I am not faking anything. This is the real deal. Raw! Uncut! Unfiltered. This is the fucking truth. No bullshit. You fucked everything up for me.

No discussion! None! Fuck you!

Seven billion people and you can’t even put my life back on track.

Jesus could get a bunch of people fill up a bunch of baskets and do a bloody miracle with the wine. I don’t even have a fucking basket let alone some stupid jugs. Moses separated the bloody ocean. Mohammed moved a goddamn fucking mountain. Buddha… don’t get me started on buddha! Voodoo priests fucking heal your damned soul…

But seven billion people can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together!? You suck!

You can do all kinds of fucking miracles. Insane amount of good. If fucking villages drown. Planes crash… Whatever… hunger in Africa. A fucking ebola outbreak the size that is unimaginable. People stranded on a goddamn mountain top and there is a blizzard at night when helicopter blades freeze in literally seconds.

Whatever! Your move! I am gonna sit here and wait with my champions belt and fucking kings crown and jester hat. With the keys to every¬†fucking city on the globe! None of you people have to show up here. None! I’ll do as i please. I’ll wait… it’s your move… you have reached a dead end.

Go fuck yourself!


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